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Dr Mukesh Haikerwal runs a respiratory clinic in the Melbourne coronavirus hotspot of Altona North. He says he is often the sole point of contact for his patients who test positive. "When I ring the patient directly, sometimes two weeks, sometimes three weeks after their positive test, some of them have not actually even been contacted once," he told 7.30."And some people, the same family with multiple family members, have got zero answers." Dr Haikerwal said health workers are struggling to cope with the scale of the second wave. "I think the system is broken. I think the DHHS are

Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, a former AMA President, has consistently called out the supply issue that has plagued GPs in the state and across the country since the start of the pandemic. The respiratory clinic set up at Dr Haikerwal’s practice in Altona North, in the city’s southwest, is currently testing around 120 patients a day for COVID-19. Although the practice managed to procure some face masks and gowns, supply from the National Medical Stockpile and the state government had been "patchy" and wasn't enough to cover the practice's testing needs. Source: Australian Doctor https://www.ausdoc.com.au/news/gp-turns-homemade-ppe-combat-patchy-supply