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COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

Vaccination provider

Please read vaccination information

Pfizer: 12+
AstraZeneca: 18+
Dose 3: immunocompromised
Boosters: after 6 months

Altona North Respiratory Clinic is a project of Cirqit Health, run through Altona North Medical Group and Circle Health.

In February 2021 Altona North Respiratory Clinic (ANRC) began preparation for a COVID-19 Vaccination clinic and first doses were administered soon after on March 22. Using the processes developed in the COVID testing Clinic, including strong infection control principles, ANRC set up a successful vaccination clinic that can administer over 200 vaccines in a half-day clinic while continuing to provide COVID testing and consultation services for patients everyday.

As a Commonwealth COVID-19 vaccination provider we provide free vaccinations to anyone aged 12 years or older, prioritising those who fall within government priority groups and following ATAGI recommendations.

– An additional “Winter Booster” 

Recent ATAGI guidelines recommend an additional Booster for: Adults aged 65+, Residents of aged/disability care facilities (including those under 65), Anyone 16+ with severe immunocompromise (defined here), Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people 50+.
– The additional winter booster can be given 4 months or longer after a first booster dose, or from 4 months after a confirmed COVID-19 infection, if that occurred after the person’s first COVID-19 booster dose.

– Booster Vaccines: anyone 16+ with a 2nd dose over 3 months ago

– A Booster is recommended for those whose immune response has naturally weakened over time (i.e., the general population) to maintain adequate protection against COVID-19. It is not currently recommended for those aged 12-17.
– A Booster is highly recommended for the Omicron variants. Vaccination 3+ months ago may not protect against transmission of the Omicron variant.
– Pfizer is recommended for all Booster shots regardless of which vaccine was given for Dose 1 & 2.

– Kids aged 5—11: Vaccinations

– We run only select clinics for children aged between 5 and 11. You MUST book through the separate link (below). The dose is different and we cannot vaccinate children under 12 in our regular Pfizer Clinic.
– There will be 2 doses. The second dose appointment will be organised on the day and all vaccinations will be with Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine.

– Primary Course (Doses 1 & 2): Based on your age and on advice from ATAGI

– AstraZeneca Vaxzevria is preferred for those aged 60 or older, given 4-12 weeks apart.
– Pfizer Comirnaty is used for anyone aged 12+, given 3-6 weeks apart.

– Third Doses: for immunocompromised people

– A third dose is considered part of the primary course of COVID vaccination for those who may not have produced a significant immune response from 2 doses. Please check you eligibility for a 3rd Dose here. 
– ATAGI recommends an interval of 2 months, with a minimum of 1 month in exceptional circumstances, after the 2nd dose of vaccine. Pfizer is recommended for this 3rd dose.
– Please BRING A REFERRAL FROM YOUR DOCTOR for a 3rd dose (if less than 3 months after dose 2).

Based on these guidelines, use the relevant link below to book for vaccination

Book Pfizer - ages 12+

Including Boosters for 18+ with a 2nd dose over 3 months ago

Anyone aged 12+ is eligible for vaccination with Pfizer.

Boosters are for those 18+ who had a second dose 4 or more months ago
A 3rd dose after 2 months is recommended for immunocompromised people (see above)

Please CALL to book Astra Zeneca

Anyone aged 60 or older is eligible

Please CALL THE CLINIC to organise times for AstraZeneca
9393 3977

Pfizer Comirnaty is preferred for those under 60, unless a medical reason warrants AstraZeneca